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Training Times –  Old Street Dojo

6.30pm – Adults Beginners
7.15pm – Adults intermediate
8.15pm – Adults Advanced

The Dojo is in the hall near 154 Lever Street, EC1V London. See the map below.


Novices start at white belt 10th kyu, then progress to orange belt 9th kyu followed by red belt 8kyu.


Yellow belts (8th kyu) and above. At this level students are able to combine two or more techniques.


Brown (1st, 2nd, 3rd kyu) and black belts. Higher level of proficiency inclusive for self-defense

Black belts

We have several black belts in the club who assist with teaching and training for higher dan degrees.

JKA Training

Here is an impression of how JKA international instructors train at the world headquarters in Tokyo, Japan.

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It is never too late to start learning karate. We welcome people from all levels, regardless of prior martial arts experience.

My first steps in karate

Last summer I decided it was time to embark on a new exercise regime to further enhance my health and wellbeing. Having searched around, looking at local gyms and fitness centres, my friend suggested I try Shotokan Karate (as she herself had practised this martial art for over ten years and had supposedly reaped the rewards).

I had never done any martial arts before, nor had I any particular interest in learning how to fight (this, I presumed would be the main benefit), but nevertheless, I decided it was time to try something new.

After the first couple of months, it soon began to dawn on me exactly what level of commitment was truly required. The reality had struck; what I was undertaking was far more than just a standard fitness regime, weight programme, or your average treadmill plan. It required endless hours of regular commitment and strong dedication before I could ever really understand what Karate could do for me.

It was hard work at first of course. But after a month or two of consistent practice (at least twice a week), I began to notice a dramatic change; my body stopped aching, my mind was clearer, and best of all — I felt great!

The instructors at SKL (who I now refer to as “Sensei”) are all extremely knowledgeable and patient. They not only push you hard physically, but also educate you mentally — resulting in faster progress, and the ability to discover your body’s true potential.

After three months of dedicated training, it was soon time for my first karate grading. With an above-average attendance of three lessons a week (along with regular practise at home), I achieved the rare honour of going from a white belt beginner, to becoming an 8th Kyu red belt (meaning I was now two grades closer to that prestigious black belt).

Although grades are only a small part of karate practice, this satisfying achievement is a great example of how SKL London can help others like myself to exceed their limits and surpass their own expectations. This approachable and friendly club is a great place for men and women, of all ages, to discover more about themselves than they ever have before.

– A. Pemberton, SKL student

Discover the art of karate

We practice authentic Japanese JKA karate. The only acknowledged shotokan style in Japan.