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Authentic Japanese karate

Dynamic Shotokan Karate

At Shotokan Karate London (SKL), we practice Dynamic Shotokan Karate from the Japan Karate Association. JKA is the largest karate association in the world and the only legal entity recognised by the Japanese government promoting traditional karate.

JKA Karate does not concentrate on the sports side of karate, but aims to balance body, mind and spirit to achieve strength, perseverance and patience for self-mastery and a confident character.

Our club is faithful to the traditional Japanese principles, but not afraid to incorporate new ideas and an exciting program that adds to each individual’s understanding and personal development.

“You will find for sure a great spirit in this club. I could call it a Karate family. The instructors have a big passion for Karate and you can feel it reflected in every student.”


“Excellent Karate Dojo – the instructors are all highly competent black belts, delivering great sessions and inspiring classes.”


“At the dojo everything is very good, instructors, other practitioners, the traditional teaching style, atmosphere… Now I find myself counting the days to the next session!”


What makes our club different?

Learning the art of karate requires drive and discipline, but also the guidance and support of instructors, or Sensei in Japanese. Our instructors are JKA certified black belts to ensure that each student trains safely and gains a deep understanding of the martial art.

DBS certified

Our instructors have been approved by the DBS (Disclosure & Barring Service, formerly CRB). The DBS is an executive agency of the Home Office and provides access to criminal record information. These checks are used in the public, private and voluntary sectors to make safer recruitment decisions, by identifying candidates who may be unsuitable for work that involves children or vulnerable adults.

Training Risks

The Practice of karate does not represent a big risk. A typical karate class may seem dangerous from the outside, as students look like they are punching and kicking each other. However, a qualified karate teacher knows how to train students in the proper order. According to research, participants in a karate class are statistically less likely to get hurt than participants in, for example, a golf tournament or road race.

JKA certified coaches

To become a Sensei and teach karate, all candidates must pass an examination, which ensures they have the required level of knowledge to teach students under the rules and regulations of the Japan Karate Association. Every coach is submitted to a new examination every year to certify that the teaching techniques have been updated. SKL coaches have a remarkable passion and determination to pass on their knowledge to all students.