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Karate benefits

There are many benefits to training karate regularly.

Training karate positively affects not only the body, but also our mind and soul.

Physical benefits

  • Improved reflexes and coordination
  • Increased performance in all physical activities
  • Increased strength and stamina that will make you feel great all day
  • Increased flexibility and weight control for better overall fitness
  • Cardiovascular workouts (heart and lungs) to keep you in top shape
  • Greatly improved balance and ability to defend yourself

Mental benefits

  • Improved concentration for better work and study habits
  • Stress reduction and the ability to relax
  • Confidence in knowing you can defend yourself and your family
  • Confidence in knowing how to deal with bullies and other confrontations
  • A positive attitude toward life through self-confidence and self-discipline
  • Self-esteem and greater outlook on life
  • Respect for yourself and those around you
  • Motivation and an ‘I Can Do It’ attitude