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Committed Practice and Family Life

Although it is still very early days in my relationship with Shotokan Karate, there had always been one nagging question in particular that had continued to plague me, long before I even got started:

“What about my family?” 

Spending two nights away from my beloved family members would never be easy. But what has surprised me the most in my new journey (far more than any technique or new movement), is how incredibly important my family have been in my Karate.

Over the last few months since joining SKL London, Karate has continued to push me; to use any excess energy and stress to create a positive result. It has not only helped me to better understand myself, but it has smoothed out the rough edges, shaken off the rust, and generally helped me to become an all-round better person.

But the best result of all, is that my family are already seeing the positive effects that Shotokan Karate is beginning to have on me. They are not only supportive, but are willing me forward, to continue on this lifelong pursuit in mastering this special art. 

In this fast pace world, filled with noise, clutter, and propaganda, Karate deals with one of the oldest values in existence — family. Not only do I now have a new family (a wonderful group of fellow students who are equally supportive), but I also get to share what I have learnt with my young children. Hopefully, one day, they too will get to discover more about themselves, as I have.

written by A. Thomas, SKL student